Thursday, November 24, 2011

BBQ Turkey, Yes please

As most of you know by now my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love the food and the time with family as well as the football. It is a great day. I usually plan my Thanksgiving meal many weeks ahead of time. This year was no different. My theme this year was to do classic flavors with new techniques I had not tried before. 

The first recipe I decided on was sweet potato ravioli made from scratch with our old school pasta machine. It is a fair amount of work to get the dough worked right but man it is good and fun. The fresh pasta cooks in like 1 minute and is really tasty.

I finished them off with a garlic cream sauce and they came out pretty awesome. Sora freaking loved them. Here she is with a crazy ravioli face.

Next I decided on taking on the challenge of cooking a turkey on the BBQ. Now I will say I went back and forth on this one. Finally I decided to go for it. I brined the turkey for 16 hours to ensure juiciness. Then I put on my secret turkey rub. Then between the skin and the breast meat I put in a layer of caramelized onions and a layer of thick cut double smoked bacon. Then I put a rough chopped onion and fresh thyme, sage, and rosemary inside the cavity. The herbs and onions inside really release a ton of flavor.

Here is the turkey just as it was set on the grill. The foil wings are to keep the wings from burning. I took them off about half way through. I also rubbed olive oil all over the skin to ensure an amazing crispiness.
A drip pan under the bird helped keep the air moist and the BBQ clean. I finished off the meal with a rye bread and rice sausage stuffing, a sweet potato cornmeal and herb "spoon bread" (kind of like a really creamy corn bread - pretty awesome), and green beans that I wrapped in bundles of five or six beans with some caramelized onions. I wrapped the bundles with a pancetta and baked them. Overall it was a hit. The best flavored turkey I have ever done and another great turkey day. I love this holiday.

Maleah was in charge of dessert. She burnt it, of course, but parts of it were delicious. Because it was burnt there were no pictures, but it was based on this recipe for cranberry custard with meringue and a gingerbread crust.  Yum!

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