Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eat Your (Italian) Heart Out

So I had big plans for a Thanksgiving dinner with the traditional flavors but a super unique take on them. One of the big ideas I had was doing my own sweet potato ravioli. This I learned would require the purchase of a pasta machine. It came in the mail today. So of course I practiced right away. 

It took some serious figuring out. At one point I was about to throw it against the wall. But happiness prevailed when I got it working.

Making the dough is a ton of work but it is interesting and fun. I made the bulk of the dough into some ravioli.

Along with the pasta machine I got a press that forms the ravioli. That part was super simple. Sora loved pulling the pasta apart to get to the awesome filling.

With the last bit of pasta we decided to make some actual noodles that we could hang up to dry.
Come on, you have to admit that is pretty cool. The pasta for the ravioli was perfect and cooks in like 1 minute. Super delicious.

Oh by the way I got my wisdom teeth ripped out today and it was not as bad as I thought. A little advil and beer and I am all good.

Oh, and also by the way, we are having some technical difficulties with our camera. This will mean a new camera soon, but in the meantime, please overlook the terrible quality of photos that our iPod Touch takes. It's the best we've got.


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Amy said...

first off - nice hat!!
love the idea of making your own pasta and just might try it myself since you've said it's not too hard. Happy almost-Thanksgiving!