Saturday, November 12, 2011

Festive Friday

 Sora and I had a free Friday, since the baby we usually spend Fridays with was sick. We took full advantage by going to story time at the library. The fabulously talented children's librarian there, in addition to reading a mean story, planning great projects, and playing the guitar and singing with the kids, is also a balloon animal master. Here is Sora enjoying a snack at the coffee shop afterwards with her bunny and horse.

 One thing we don't mention often is that Sora is becoming very very timid. She's exuberant and outgoing when she feels very comfortable, but it takes a long time for her to feel comfortable with people. She won't talk to anyone she doesn't really really like. Including the librarian (although another librarian she sees more regularly makes the cut). This often makes me the middle man. Sora will answer questions from others if I ask them, and will talk to me, but not to them. Later, she will tell me that she didn't talk to so and so. The balloon animals came from that type of interaction. The librarian set out the balloons, I asked Sora what color she wanted, she gave it to me, I gave it to the librarian and so on. I'm sure she'll grow out of this stage, but it's kind of funny to see such different sides of her so often.

Friday evening, we headed over to spend the night with Kyle's boss in his town about an hour from our place. There was a very short parade that Sora really liked, and we hung out at the bar while Sora drank hot cocoa and stayed warm.
 Today, we went back downtown for some light shopping, a great breakfast, and a walk to the lighthouse (in reverse order). Here Sora is trying to talk me into buying fabric for her instead of her cousin.
 Sora and her trusty doll, Casey.

We were going to take a ride on this carriage, but it was too crowded and we didn't want to wait.
 Santa was also strolling the streets, after his arrival at the parade the day before. Sora totally gets the Santa concept and remembers him. She remembers that Santa came to our house last year but that she didn't talk to him (probably from our recounting of the story). Again, I was the middle man in this candy exchange. Sora has decided that she doesn't want to talk to Santa this year and doesn't want to see him again until Christmas. While I'm sure that won't be possible, I have assured her that it's totally fine not to talk to Santa this year and that he knows what she wants without her talking to him (which according to her right now is a pulling toy).

While it seems crazy to me to go to a Christmas parade on Nov. 11, it was nice enough weather and we really enjoyed our walk this morning, which probably won't happen in December as winter is quickly taking over here in Wisconsin.

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