Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Snow

It's that time of year already! Last year, it didn't snow until the day after Thanksgiving, but it was thick and dry. It snowed all day yesterday and only accumulated less than an inch. It was wet enough for snowballs, but of course I was way too cold to make a snowman after we were done with our walk.

In other news, Sora has gained a new level of skills and personality over the past few weeks, which is both good and bad. For example, she told me last night "I'm crying because dad is mean" after Kyle put  her in bed for the 14th time (my fault for allowing a nap from 4-6). Today, she is dancing up a storm to the Laurie Berkner Band with a slightly different dance for each song. Today, she also rolled little play dough balls successfully for the first time. Fun times!

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