Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Traditions

In addition to our delicious food, we were very busy this weekend with our new McPherson traditions. Some are new this year, and others are from last year.

We had a "T is for Turkey" tot school theme this week, complete with dressing up like a pilgrim. There were some conflicting ideas on how pilgrims dressed, so we incorporated all of them by using the buckle style hat, shawl, bright clothes, and a skirt. I'm assuming they dressed a little warmer. We then did a short rendition of the "first" thanksgiving day in an adorable skit.

 Sora played a lot this weekend! We watch a toddler 1-3 days a week and they are FINALLY getting along well and are friends. He loves to play ball, so Sora plays with him (mostly by throwing it over his head). They also got the privilege of playing with a big tub of dried oatmeal a few times this week which they both loved.
 A new tradition this year was to open presents from my parents. My mom bought us some wintery stuff and it will be nice to have it a month early. Plus, Sora gets enough from her other generous grandparents at Christmas, so this way we'll have "new" toys longer.
 She loves reading and I love Llama Llama books, so this was a perfect gift (notice the book behind her that we just read).
 Sora also got a dollhouse. This is more of a toy for me, I'm sure, but hopefully it will keep her entertained as she gets more and more imaginative. Here she is "cleaning" the treadmill. The house and accessories were great, but it came with an obsessive amount of workout stuff and very strange looking dolls.
 This is my favorite room in our house, so I'm trying to get Sora to love her own craft room (complete with ironing board, iron, clothes washer and sewing machine) as much as I love my craft room.
 The dollhouse comes apart to create any combination. It is currently set up as two dollhouses (one for the Sora doll and one for the Grandma doll).

Another part of our traditions (this one is from last year so it's officially a tradition now) is our Thanksgiving walk. This year, it was really warm out (in the low 50s), so no snow or winter coats!

 Even though it's been an unseasonably warm week, there is still a layer of ice on the pond already. Sora was exploring how thick it is.
 One of Sora's favorite buildings at camp is the nature center because she loves playing on the chalkboard. She is currently obsessed with letters and likes to try to make her own. It's fun to see her little brain work. She has just started remembering similarities. For example, when we wrote Daddy and Mommy on the chalkboard per her request, she realized that daddy and Sora both have A's and mommy and Sora both have O's.
 Although there wasn't any snow, there was plenty of puddles for puddle jumping!

And a very strange sight that we saw:
Look very closely. What is strange about the picture?

(hint: if you look closely, you can see 4 half-dead fish. We saw over 30 poor fish flopping around. We tried to save the first four, but then saw all the rest and realized it must be a part of the life cycle here at camp.)

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we are all patiently waiting for snow so that we can enjoy snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and sledding! And we need the snow to sled the Christmas tree to our house, so hopefully it comes by then!

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