Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve Tradition

A few great things happened this Christmas weekend. Sora actually took a few minutes from being mommy's shadow and latched on to Kyle's boss, his wife, and their 24 year old daughter! On previous visits to their house, Sora was pretty timid, but this time, she spent more time on Sarah's lap than on mine.

Sora also got to make her first pasta with daddy. This is a new Christmas Eve tradition (and hopefully other times of the year as well). Kyle made a super yummy pasta dinner, and he taught Sora how to make the dough. She took her "work" very seriously, as you can see below.

She was pretty upset that Kyle didn't actually turn her dough into pasta, so next time, she'll need to have "real" ingredients and maybe she'll be making "real" pasta in no time!

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