Friday, December 2, 2011

Crazy Kiddo

Sora is becoming such a fun playmate lately. I'm so lucky that I get to spend so much time with her. Here is a glimpse into her world at the moment.

We have been watching a little boy who is 18 mo. younger than Sora since last winter one or two days a week. He is now 16 mo. and he and Sora are finally friends. Just recently we started watching him three days a week which means that I am more actively searching for ideas that don't involve things that are totally inappropriate for 16 mo. olds (like playdough and paint, for example). One of Sora's new favorite almost-daily activities is dance party. She requests to put on her fancy dancing dress and we listen to some Laurie Berkner band and go crazy. She loves it. The little boy loves to watch. I get in a tiny workout. Everyone wins!

She also loves games. She is starting to kind of understand them and there are a few she plays the "right" way. I've been stocking up on games from the thrift store, where for $.50, I don't care if they're missing a few pieces. Sora makes up her own rules to some of the games, like Candyland, which is hard for my control-freak mind to comprehend, but we're both working on accepting each others ideas of playing.
 We finally had snow! Last year, it was never wet enough snow to make a snowball or a snowman with. This was very hard to explain to a less-than 2 year old since all she knew of snow was snowmen in books. Luckily, this first snow was very wet. It was a nice warm day and Sora had fun exploring the snow and helping me make our first snowman and snow angels.

She is such a funny little girl! She tells me and Kyle that we are her best friends all the time. She also tells me stories that are both fiction or non-fiction. The non-fiction stories are the funniest since they are so matter-of-fact and have funny eye expressions. For example, today Kyle took her grocery shopping. She had an accident in the car on the way home. Neither of these are funny, but Sora had me cracking up with her story. Something along the lines of: "Well, I went potty in my carseat. And daddy wrapped me in a warm blanket you know. And now it's wet. My pants are wet too. We went to two stores. No, maybe three. I went to three stores with my daddy. The lady was in the baby's hands at the store. I got a squeezie." 


Jeannette said...

I like the snow pants :-)

Also, the lady was in the baby's hands? What the?

Kyle said...

I'm glad you caught that! The woman who runs the little store we go to just had a baby and brings her to work a lot, so she's always holding the baby. The baby, while quite large, does not hold anything. :)