Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First Official Christmas Party of the Season

 In our tiny town, one of the local bars sponsors a big Christmas party for kids. It's invite only, and somehow we were lucky enough to get a coveted spot! There were 95 kids invited, so I think it was a wide net considering there's like 400 people in town (and only kids 10 and under were invited).

Anyway, this is the closest that Sora has gotten to Santa yet and it was very exciting!
 She, of course, didn't talk to the poor guy, but not screaming or running was a big improvement. We've been talking up the whole "game" of Santa hoping that knowing it was just pretend would make it better, but I don't think it's working yet (she still thinks he's real, and she's still afraid of him).

Things at the party that were more exciting than Santa:
 Presents! I can't blame her. Each kid got a paper grocery bag full of presents. Sora's included this doll, gloves, a hat, a book, a small pillow, and a small bag of candy.

The little boy we babysit was there too, and since he's currently like Sora's best friend (sad, since he's only 16 mo. old, but she doesn't see that many kids consistently apparently), Sora was thrilled to play with him and his mom.

Hopefully we'll be back next year (and maybe Sora will even sit on Santa's lap)!

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