Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Solstice

We decided to start a new family tradition and celebrated our first annual McPherson family Winter Solstice. It's a great excuse to spread out present season and focus on our tiny family.

We celebrated the sun and family by unplugging for the day. This included lights, phones, computers and most electronics (but not the heater or camera, thankfully). Sora and I made orange cinnamon rolls for breakfast and we all said good morning to the sun when it came up.
 We decorated a tree outside with food for the birds and squirrels and pretty sun and star decorations.

 Then we went for a walk to enjoy the beautiful day.
 Of course, a walk in on solstice wouldn't be complete without a quick ice skating session. Sora is now officially addicted and even skated a few feet on her own this time. Last time we went, it must have been too cold, because this time, she didn't want to leave!

 After our walk, we opened our presents to each other, and Sora helped me make cupcakes.
 Kyle made a yummy seasonal meal (salmon with pumpkin soup) which Sora devoured of course.
 Then, we added yellow frosting to the cupcakes and thanked the sun while blowing out the candles.

 We all slept in the living room by the fire, and we played games before bedtime.
It was a great day, and amazing how much family time you can pack in without any distractions!

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