Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's - New Perspective

Here at Team McPherson, we don't really spend much time thinking about New Years. I've always been the kind of girl who was the first to crash out at a party, which means that even in our pre-Sora days, I would spend New Year's mentally calculating how close to midnight I could go to sleep without looking too lame. Now that we live in the middle of no where and have a daughter who really needs her beauty sleep, we are spending our evening at home as if it is a normal night. We also don't spend much time on resolutions. It seems like a concept doomed to fail: you wait all year doing "bad" things so that one day you can magically change things. Why not just do it when you think of it instead of planning for it so far in advance?

However, I have recently (in the past week or so) been reminded that I have a pretty great life and I haven't been stopping to smell the roses often enough. I begged Kyle to find a job to support me in the manner in which I wished to become accustomed to and so that I could stay home. After I had Sora and realized that staying at home could be a reality SOMEWHERE, it was all I could think of and what helped me get through working full time. Now that I have that amazing reality and now that it's become my "norm" for quite a while, I have realized that I am way more short and cranky with Sora than she deserves. I am taking our moments for granted, rather than soaking them in. So, while this isn't a New Year's Resolution, per say, it is a new year, and this happens to be my new resolution.

Here are some of our moments from the past few days.

Part of my misplaced stress is from watching a 17 mo. old boy 3 days a week. For some reason, that is really hard for me to relax and let life happen while he is here. It's hard to remember Sora at that age, just a year and a half ago, and remember what really is and isn't safe to let her do, rather than freak out at every minor detail. This will be the biggest area for me to work on my living in (and enjoying) the moment mentality. On Friday, the kids played with these water gel balls and had a great time. I've been busy in the past planning elaborate sensory bins and "projects" to entertain Sora when really, all it takes is a bowl full of water gel balls and some scissors and paper to keep her happy for an hour.

There still isn't enough snow to ski in on land, but amazingly, there is about an inch or so on the lake, which was just perfect for a morning ski today. Our first of the season! Sora loved the sled and I can't wait to find some more comfy shoes for our next ski outing later this weekend.

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