Saturday, December 17, 2011

An Old Fashion Christmas

We braved the cold, wet weather recently to enjoy a good old fashioned Christmas at Heritage Hill State Park in Green Bay. We missed out on this last year, and I have to say it is now on our holiday to do list for ever (or until we move)! It was the coolest place with all kinds of fun "new" (and very old) traditions to add to our holidays.
 We saw many decorated trees. This one was the most modern. My favorite had dried orange and apple slices on it. We're decorating a tree outside on Solstice, and this is one of the "ornaments" that will be on our tree. Hopefully the deer and squirrels will enjoy them as much as I do.
 Kyle and I feel at home so far this winter with such Seattle weather. Kyle's boss was complaining the other day about the drizzle and fog while Kyle was thinking it was such a nice day out. It is starting to get colder though, so a good Midwestern winter is just around the corner.
 Sora couldn't be convinced to sit on this "good olde" Santa's lap any more than a more modern Santa. Kyle and I thought it was so cool that they portrayed him in this way, especially after we watched a fascinating documentary on the history of Santa recently. There was also a St. Nicholas which we avoided.
The park is filled with little buildings that have been moved from other areas of Green Bay to create a village, a farm, and a fort. We didn't get many indoors pictures, but there was circle dancing (which enthralled Sora), blacksmithing and printing (which enthralled Kyle), tours of old style "fancy" homes (which enthralled me) and a few different buildings baking Christmas dinner (which looked like a LOT of work). True to the era(s), most buildings didn't have any electricity, so they keep the park closed most of the winter. We'll be back on opening day in the spring!
That same evening, a nearby suburb was having their own Christmas celebration. We were too wet to pay for the horse wagon rides at the state park (which weren't covered), but were surprised to see these covered carriage rides being offered for free! Plus, we discovered a cloth diaper/babywearing store (which could be the only thing that could convince me to have more kids!).
 No trip is complete without some finger licking food shots.
 Or without a stop at Joann's to teach Sora the joy of shopping.

Inspired by our trip to Heritage Hill, we kept our tree very simple this year. There are 9 paper ball ornaments that I made along with a few other Maleah-made ornaments and the tree topper, paper garland and snowflakes made by Sora. Sora insisted on a "little tiny" tree this year. We actually love it and think we never want a big tree again!

Merry pre-Christmas celebrations to you too!

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