Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland

While there isn't really snow yet here in Northeastern Wisconsin, it is very cold! This afternoon, we headed to a nearby community for their 4th Annual Winterfest. Last year, we tried to go but it was cancelled due to a blizzard (we missed the rescheduled event) - what a difference a year makes!

 Sora enjoyed the cow at the living nativity scene. It was very vocal.
 Maleah enjoyed skating with Sora. Sora's never skated before and Maleah loved skating as a kid. This was one of the things she was looking forward to about living in the Midwest.

Sora only lasted for a few minutes because it was bitterly cold and it was a little slippy for her (she only fell once, which was good). Although, when quizzed about her day, she said that skating was her favorite thing, so hopefully there will be more of this in our future this winter! Now if only Kyle could find skates that fit him, we could be a family of skaters.

 Sora enjoying listening to Christmas carols prior to the big Christmas tree lighting.

After the lighting, Santa arrived via lighted fire truck. Sora, as leery as always of strangers, refuses to get within a 10 foot radius of Santa. We've been trying the "playing" approach - trying to get Sora to buy into the fact that everyone is playing/pretending Santa, which will save us from the big "santa isn't real" discussion later, while still getting to play along with the "game" in the meantime. I thought this approach might entice her a little more to play the game and not be afraid of Santa, but that is not the case.
 Here we are discussing Santa and that it's okay if she doesn't want to "play the Santa game" right now. She does like to observe, so whenever she wasn't wolfing down the free food, she was checking on whatever Santa was doing.
 The lighted trees behind Kyle.
Kyle recently joined a Jimmy Buffet fan club, which operates similarly to the Lions club with slightly younger members (to clarify, Kyle is not necessarily a fan of Jimmy Buffet, but is a fan of meeting people who like to drink and live in our community). After our afternoon of fun, we headed to the annual Christmas party of the club for some extra socialization. Many of the members were also at this Winter Wonderland event, so it was fun to know people at a community event for once!

For some reason, Maleah had this ridiculous idea that when we moved to a town of 500, people would be so excited to meet us and be inviting us to things left and right. This is not at all the case, but at least we're slowly meeting more people and trying to create our own type of community away from "home".

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Don and DeeEtta said...

Like mother like daughter ... Looks like we have another ice skater in the family.