Monday, January 23, 2012

Inside and out

Well along with the whole McPherson clan Sora has been super sick. Here she is spending a bunch of time inside watching videos and being generally spoiled. At first it seemed like she was the least sick with the stomach bug but now she has a full blown chest cold on top of that. So she wins the most sick award especially with her fever that keeps coming and going.  

 In the mean time outside it is finally snowing hard in Wisconsin.

Our front yard is a winter wonderland. The sad thing is that it is amazing snowman snow really heavy and wet but everyone has been to sick to build a snowman.
 Sora and Maleah did take a break from being sick to do some hair styling. Most of the time Sora will not let anyone do anything to her crazy hair.


Anonymous said...

Grandma Barney loves your hair Sora. Hope you all feel better soon.

Kyle and Maleah said...

Thanks Grandma Barney! You were the inspiration for the hairstyle :).