Saturday, January 28, 2012


Dr. Kyle finally cleared Sora for outside activity since she's been sick. We were inside almost all week - finally venturing out for coffee on Thursday and outside briefly to ice skate on Friday. After much discussion, we decided that Sora's feeling slightly better and we could attempt our planned Winterfest outing today.

 Sora's reaction to the news.

 Kyle and I were a little underwhelmed with the "festival", but Sora got to decorate and eat a cookie, so she was a big fan.

There were also several ice sculptures in progress that would have been fascinating to watch, had it not been so windy and, well, wintery.
 Sora was enthralled with the artist though, for the few minutes we watched them.
 Sora was also enthralled by the musician, and was excited to dance (although in true Sora fashion mostly just watched). She decided she was done though when a little boy kept trying to hug her. Apparently he didn't understand the meaning of "I don't know you" like Sora does. She is very particular about who she talks to or plays with, and if she decides she doesn't know you, you don't make the cut. We've tried to discuss what it means to "know" someone, but that seems a bit too deep for an almost 3 year old to grasp.

 The ice sculpture was about the coolest thing at the festival.

And, a few more pictures from our beauty school this week (for Grandma Barney):
 Hopefully next week we'll all be feeling much better and it will be filled with pre-birthday fun!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! Beauty school is a big hit with me. Can't wait to be there and participate.