Saturday, February 18, 2012

Entertaining Sora

Sora started swim lessons awhile ago, and we've been spending more time in Green Bay lately because of it. For some reason, I am finding myself with a substantial amount of time to kill in the "big city" with Sora before our evening class. Here are a few of the things we've been up to.

Playing at the mall. This totally stresses me out - all those kids and very few toys. 

A wonderland of climbing at the local thrift store. 

The children's museum is set to open in April, and I am counting down the days. In the meantime, we did visit the regular museum. Sora was just mediocre on it, but since she was free and I was only $5, it was a pretty good value. She did love being in charge of the rock quarry.

 Building a rock wall.
Exploring the Moneyville exhibit. Judging by the prices she had me set on her produce, she does not understand the finer points of the retail experience.
 She was a slightly better bank teller. We actually got to make money with our faces on it and create our own coins using crayon rubbings. Both of these were way cooler for me than for her.
 And of course, back to the rock quarry for a few more dump trips before we headed off to swim class.
Starting Monday, Sora and I will be doing a new swim/gymnastic combo class. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Sora is starting to slowly get over her fear of strangers, and has actually started kind of interacting with strange adults and kids at various times. The first week of our last swim class, Sora spent most of her time glaring at the teacher and complaining that we couldn't use all the toys right away. Hopefully now that she has one class under her belt, she'll be a more patient and accepting student.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Adventures in Appleton: Take Two

After having such a rad time in Appleton last fall, we decided to get out of camp for the day and have another go at it.  This time, we got to see the downtown farmer's market, which was amazing especially considering the season, the children's museum (again), the library (which happens to belong to the same network as our local library), and the YMCA (again). Kyle got to hit up the homebrew store and an affiliated brew pub and I got to stop at Tuesday Morning as well as the local natural market, so we all went home happy.

Sora enjoyed free samples throughout the farmer's market and natural market. Here she is enjoying her hummus. She also, of course, loved the escalators involved at the indoor farmer's market.

We went to the museum in October, but what a difference 4 months makes! This time, she was way more into the imaginative side and interacted more with strangers. Here she is in the water exhibit chasing "her" duck.
 Usually, Kyle or I encourage her to dress up, but she wanted to do the whole fireman's outfit all on her own.
 This is a little catwalk climb-y thing to the top lookout. It's way too small for me to do it with her. On her first attempt, she changed her mind. The bottom is made of the same material as the sides, and I think she could see the ground and got freaked out. Later, she tried again and she made it all the way. She even greeted some strangers (kids) coming down with a "hi" which is HUGE for Sora.
 Cutting sushi for me.
Then baking some delicious cookies. Again, loving the dress up!
A little rock wall before we had to leave.
 Sora and I enjoying the restaurant.
Sora is at such a fun and funny age. She is awesome when she wants to be. After we got home, we went to see some improv at the Father/Child weekend here at camp. Sora loved watching and even "got" much of the humor (although it was hard to tell since she was running and jumping laughing maniacally most of the time).

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Sora!

So, while Sora's birthday is technically on Tuesday, we celebrated this weekend.

Sora started her celebration on Thursday, when her grandma and papa D came into town. Sora figured out that papa's name is Don and she thinks it's funny to call him that periodically. This week has been airport/airplane theme, so I kept telling her that we were going to the airport to watch the planes. She was very surprised to see her grandparents there! After we picked them up, we went to the fancy hair salon. I thought Sora would enjoy this fun treat, but of course my unpredictable daughter wouldn't let me put her down. She ended up getting her hair cut on my lap squirming and frowning the entire time while my mom danced around with a book to entertain and distracted her. Of course, as soon as she was done, she wanted to sit in the car. Seriously kid?!

Afterwards, we stopped by a favorite restaurant for dinner and Sora and grandma took advantage of a quick photo op next to the same ice bench that Sora and I took our picture on last weekend!
 This morning, Sora woke up and got to open presents. She was very excited.

Sora got a lot of fun toys that her mama will love playing with! She also got an easel and new art supplies. This was one of the first times she played with just her papa since he got here, which was very exciting.  

 Of course, as soon as she was done with papa, she had to go give grandma lots of love.

All ready for her party in her fancy skirt and new birthday shirt. If you look very closely, you can see the 3 in the laces of the ice skate.

 We played outside while Kyle made yummy popcorn on the fire.

 Inside, the kids played with balloons, glow sticks, did "projects" (snowflakes and foam stickers), played with fake snow and water balls.

 Of course, my favorite part was the hot chocolate and cupcakes! I made purple frosting, as per Sora's request, and we had chocolate ice cream.
 After blowing out the three candles,
 Sora thoroughly enjoyed eating the dessert.
Sora decided not to actually ice skate at her ice skating themed party, but she had a ton of fun with the kids playing random games they made up and that's what matters. As a bonus, after the party, we headed outside to watch the fireworks. I tried to convince Sora they were for her birthday, but she was too smart and knew it was for the Fish-o-rama, which we went to earlier in the day. Last year, we missed the fireworks, so we didn't know the best place to watch them. Next year, we'll be able to see them even better!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ski Adventure

I have been waiting way too long for enough snow to take Sora cross country skiing! Kyle and I went out on the lake last month with Sora, but it wasn't good enough snow for Sora to try skiing. We finally got another inch of snow this weekend, so we took advantage of the opportunity to break out the family skis.
 We got these bad boys for Sora for $12. They strap on to her normal ski boots.

 We didn't go very far, but Sora was a champ for her first time! Now we just need another foot of snow to have a decent winter before winter is over.

And of course, afterwards Sora chose to "warm up" with "ice cream" (frozen banana/avocado/milk concoction). A sweet tooth after my own heart!