Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Sora!

So, while Sora's birthday is technically on Tuesday, we celebrated this weekend.

Sora started her celebration on Thursday, when her grandma and papa D came into town. Sora figured out that papa's name is Don and she thinks it's funny to call him that periodically. This week has been airport/airplane theme, so I kept telling her that we were going to the airport to watch the planes. She was very surprised to see her grandparents there! After we picked them up, we went to the fancy hair salon. I thought Sora would enjoy this fun treat, but of course my unpredictable daughter wouldn't let me put her down. She ended up getting her hair cut on my lap squirming and frowning the entire time while my mom danced around with a book to entertain and distracted her. Of course, as soon as she was done, she wanted to sit in the car. Seriously kid?!

Afterwards, we stopped by a favorite restaurant for dinner and Sora and grandma took advantage of a quick photo op next to the same ice bench that Sora and I took our picture on last weekend!
 This morning, Sora woke up and got to open presents. She was very excited.

Sora got a lot of fun toys that her mama will love playing with! She also got an easel and new art supplies. This was one of the first times she played with just her papa since he got here, which was very exciting.  

 Of course, as soon as she was done with papa, she had to go give grandma lots of love.

All ready for her party in her fancy skirt and new birthday shirt. If you look very closely, you can see the 3 in the laces of the ice skate.

 We played outside while Kyle made yummy popcorn on the fire.

 Inside, the kids played with balloons, glow sticks, did "projects" (snowflakes and foam stickers), played with fake snow and water balls.

 Of course, my favorite part was the hot chocolate and cupcakes! I made purple frosting, as per Sora's request, and we had chocolate ice cream.
 After blowing out the three candles,
 Sora thoroughly enjoyed eating the dessert.
Sora decided not to actually ice skate at her ice skating themed party, but she had a ton of fun with the kids playing random games they made up and that's what matters. As a bonus, after the party, we headed outside to watch the fireworks. I tried to convince Sora they were for her birthday, but she was too smart and knew it was for the Fish-o-rama, which we went to earlier in the day. Last year, we missed the fireworks, so we didn't know the best place to watch them. Next year, we'll be able to see them even better!

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Debi said...

Looks like another great birthday party. Love the birthday T-shirt. I'll save our birthday wishes for Tuesday.