Sunday, March 4, 2012

Escape to the U.P.

Kyle and I were a little stressed out this week. We finally got the first real snow of the winter which just dumped snow on camp. The snow was great, but it shut everything down, including our power for 3 hours, and with Kyle super busy managing things at work (especially without some staff due to the snow) and me managing Sora and our 18 mo. old friend Walker for two days, we were ready for a break! Luckily for us, we booked a hotel in Marquette, MI a month ago and totally forgot about it. I received a confirmation email from our hotel mid-week and was reminded of the trip. Kyle and I dusted the cobwebs off our snowboards, prepared Sora for the concept of child care, and drove 3 hours to the northern reaches of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We had lift tickets from an event we volunteered at in the fall, and the mountain happens to have an uber cheap day care. During the week, whenever we talked about the upcoming trip, Sora would always reply "But I'm going to cry" about going into the day care. We have been trying to get her used to the idea of not being with me every waking moment and using the tot watch at the grocery store and the YMCA, but it hasn't been going very far (ie: we've only been successful once in the past 4 months).

We got to the mountain and it was snowing hard (they got 15" in 24 hours). Sora took one look at the other kids in the day care and instantly ran off to play - even happily going back after lunch. Kyle and I snowboarded all morning and into the afternoon. The snow was so heavy that after lunch, the previously groomed trails were like fresh powder all over again. It was amazing! I haven't snowboarded since Leap Day 2008 (thanks to pregnancy and then mommy guilt), but was amazed that both Kyle and I seemed to remember our mad skillz like riding a bicycle. It was the greatest day! Of course, there are no pictures to document this occasion. It was snowing so hard, we decided to leave the camera in the car.

We did manage to get pictures at the local children's museum today though. Sora had a lot of fun, as predicted.

 This is an alien, since we are doing space theme right now. This junk bin area totally reminded me of my old job at Pacific Science Center! I hope to do something similar with Sora when she's a little older and can do more of it herself (rather than me doing most of the project for her).

Have I mentioned how much Sora loves to read and be read to? Seriously - we can be at the most fun place (like a children's museum) and if she sees a book area, she will want to read. We bought her a book this weekend and we had to read it to her 10 times after we got home (in 2 hours) before we decided that we couldn't stand the book anymore and banned it for the evening. I am still counting down the days until the museum opens in Green Bay and we can go to a children's museum on a semi-regular basis.

The weekend went so well that Kyle and I are already plotting our next ski vacation next year!

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