Monday, March 19, 2012

Playground Decathlete

One of the downsides to life in Wisconsin is that we can't go to an outdoor playground from mid-October until Mid-March (or later). In Washington, unless there is a downpour or freak snowstorm, playgrounds are a year-round affair. Anyway, I was surprised to realize that Sora now believes that all playgrounds are inside malls and she has literally forgotten how to play on a playground. We went for the first time last week, and she just kept asking what to do and how to do it, then claiming that she "couldn't" do many things she could easily do in the fall. Bizarre!

Kyle and I took advantage of our 80 degree weekend to help retrain Sora in the wonderful world of playgrounds. Hopefully she will soon forget that her poor mother resorted to the mall as a source of playground entertainment during the winter. Hopefully next winter, the children's museum will be up and running and that will replace our mall excursions.

Sora's favorite things to do right now include swinging, especially when accompanied with spinning (yes, the tire swing was a favorite) and balance beam walking. She sings "Balance Beam" by Laurie Berkner Band every time she does anything remotely resembling a balance beam. She is currently a fan of sliding (as long as she can see the bottom and doesn't think it's too dark or scary). We are encouraging more climbing, as these are the type of things she seems to have forgotten about. Yeah for parks!

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