Monday, April 23, 2012

Go Fly a Kite

Sora and I have been doing a weather unit for our "tot school" for the past few weeks and have talked a lot about windy weather. Unfortunately, until this past weekend, we didn't own a kite so we couldn't practice any fun windy weather experiences (although we did get to do sunny, snowy, and rainy in the past 3 weeks which was great). As a kid, we lived on Whidbey Island for 5 years, where it is very often windy, so my mom would take us kite flying a lot. It is something that I love and was excited to get to finally do with Sora.

Sora was fascinated and the kite we bought happens to fit into a very small pouch and have no sticks or set up of any kind, so we can whip it out at a moments notice. We will be doing this again soon (and this will be great for our summer camping trip - the entire state of South Dakota seemed like a giant wind farm potential to me, so it will be perfect for flying a kite)!

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