Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So, after Sora turned 3 in February, we decided to start doing some organized classes. We did a parent/child swim class first. We took turns taking her in the water, and she did okay once she warmed up to the instructor (two to three weeks) and got over the fact that we couldn't just play with toys the entire time (also two to three weeks). Sora's funny and quirky, like most 3 year olds, and it takes a while for her to decide if she likes you or not. Until then, she is very standoffish and a little rude, but if she likes you she is very sweet and affectionate (as Kyle's staff can attest to - some are "in" and others are "out"). Anyway, after our first class ended in early March, we chose to do a parent/child swim/gymnastics combo (say that three times fast!). Again, Sora followed the same pattern with not wanting to participate in gymnastics much at first, but by the end she was trying everything!

She really liked the trampoline. Jumping was probably her favorite activity.

 Crayon rolling. I think she prefers traditional summersaults.

 Springboard. Not a huge fan, but willing to do it anyway.

Swinging on the bar.
Not pictured: balance beam (one of her favorites) and walking her feet up the wall. She loves when we get to play with the parachute (as all 3 year olds do), and will finally do most of the songs and chants (after 7 weeks).

Swim class is going a little better. She still wants to do free play, but now knows how the structure of class works. She is finally letting me put the cube on her (a flotation device that is required at some points in the next parent-free classes). The past two weeks, she swam quite a bit on her own with the cube! This is pretty common for the other 3 year olds in the class, but it's a big step for Sora! We're going to the pool this weekend so that we can have some fun and Sora can show Kyle her mad skillz.

Starting next week, we'll be doing a parent/child t-ball/swim combo. Hopefully she won't have to warm up too much before participating in the t-ball experience! We're also trying to convince her that next fall she will be old enough to take classes without us. So far, we're not very convincing. Hopefully going to a dance recital of a 4 year old friend this weekend will help show her that dance class is fun even though mommy can't do it with her. (Incidentally, this dance class is the only preschool class within 30 min. of us. We drive 60 min. to go to our swim class, which is silly even though we get half off since it's through the Y. Luckily, there are other errands we can do, like grocery shop, which makes the trip more worth while.)

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