Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Kyle is out of town for the weekend to go back to Washington for his Grandma Mary's funeral. While Sora and I wish that we could join him, I'm sure that he got some great quality adult grieving time in that isn't quite possible with a three year old. In the meantime, Sora and I stayed at camp and tried to entertain ourselves.

On Saturday, I blew out 6 eggs rather than boil them - what a waste of time! Sora loved dying the eggs, but it went very quickly. We didn't do this last year, so this was her first egg dying experience.

 Of course, when we were done, we had to dye some coffee filters too!

 Afterwards, we mixed the colors of water and saw what happened. A very scientific experience! Of course, this all made a huge mess on the counter that I am still dealing with.

Today, we took turns playing Easter Bunny and egg finder. Luckily we have a beautiful outdoor area to play in. Unfortunately it was also very windy!

Sora preferred finding but was also a great bunny. Happy Easter to all!

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The Buoy Family said...

So Sorry to hear about kyle's grandma. Im glad he got to go back to her funeral.