Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little Environmentalist

In celebration of Earth Day, we went to a nearby nature center for their Earth Day Celebration. It was a fun trip and included a stop at the Amish bakery for an added treat. Sora loved all of the "projects" the best. She painted on birch bark, tie dyed a bandana, decorated a pot and planted some grass.

We also put on some boots and explored the pond. We are doing a pond "unit" in our "tot school" this month, so it was perfect timing. We found some tadpoles and a lot of insects and nymphs. I was more memorized than Sora, but she was mildly interested as well.

At night, when we were talking about our day, Sora said, "But we didn't do anything good for the Earth." Good point - while it was a fun day, not much of our actions were actually positively impacting the earth. We decided that we should go for a family bike ride to the park to pick up garbage.

On the way, we stopped at a part of the park we haven't played at before. Sora LOVED it. I think she would have stayed all day.
Here she is "playing a game with the mud".

And then, of course, she fell in and decided to let her pants and shoes dry off while playing naked. It was a little cold for this, but in true Sora fashion, she didn't care in the least.
We did actually pick up trash at the playground of the park. On the way home, we saw a lot of trash on the side of the road and Sora decided we should come back and pick it up. I told her we would go for a walk with the wagon tomorrow to pick it all up and sort it into recycling and trash. A daughter after my own heart :).

Oh, and on a side note: after we got home from the nature center yesterday, Sora decided to play the guitar and sing to her plants like her favorite Frog and Toad story. She made up some pretty great songs. We went out to tell them stories today, but the pot was knocked over and the seeds were gone. It looks like we'll need to try again with another plant to help my budding singer/songwriter practice.

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