Sunday, May 27, 2012

Birthday Adventures Take 2

Today's adventures kept us a little closer to home. Today was Mountain's annual Memorial Day parade. We went last year so I had a better idea of how pumped to get before the parade today. It was basically 10 minutes of various fire trucks and businesses throwing candy at kids. Most of the local schools have graduation this weekend, so no school groups or marching bands were involved. There were no girl scouts or boy scouts or 4H kids. No real parade staples that I'm used to. No Steppers. Nothing like a good old fashioned Lynden parade (or a Seattle parade either - luckily we got to go to several of those living in the city!). Sora loved it though and that's what really matters. I convinced her to give most of her candy to her friend who was in the parade, so it worked out well for all involved. After the parade, we hit the bouncy house circuit for a while. Once Sora was throughly exhausted, we headed home and I convinced her that she should take a long nap for my birthday. It worked (although she's now up at 8:30 making crazy noises rather than sleeping).
After nap time, we headed to my favorite ice cream stand for dinner and ice cream. I took some sweet pictures, but forgot to bring a photo card. I also left my camera at the stand, but came back later and someone had turned it in. Thank you kind stranger! Sora had a "spike" which is a teeny tiny cone for little kids. She ordered vanilla which was very surprising, but then dropped it on the ground. Luckily it was only $.65, so she could get another.

We rounded out the day at the county park playing with all the kids who are camping there for the weekend. It's typically the quietest park, so it's nice on a big weekend when there are a lot of campers to share the playground with.

And here are some pictures of Sora enjoying the rope bridge and water area at camp. This water is about 1' deep and Sora loves to splash and play here.
(Oh, and thanks to Lori for the tip! It's a great replacement for picnik, maybe better, and I am already addicted.)

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