Saturday, May 26, 2012

Green Bay Adventure

So, as the world's best wife (or so my coffee mug tells me), I let Kyle go off on an epic canoe/camping trip for my birthday weekend. Today, Sora and I went off by ourselves for day one of our two day celebration.

We started off by sharing a "chocolatey chocolatey" doughnut. 
 Then, I dropped Sora off at the Y kid's corner for a little alone time (workout / hot tubbing).

Afterwards, we headed to Bay Beach Amusement Park. We only went once last year, and while Sora liked it then, she LOVED it this year. There are 8 rides for $.25 (and 8 for $.50). Sora could go on 7 of them all by herself which she was very proud of.

6 of the 7 are almost identical, focusing on the going-around-in-a-circle-in-some-kind-of-vehicle theme. The 7th is the chairplane, which she was too short for last year. Yeah for being 3' tall!
We also went on the giant slide together (which was really tall - we were both a little scared) and the carousel. Last summer in Spokane, I tried to ride on a horse next to Sora rather than stand by her and it did not end well, but this year Sora was very excited to have me ride "Cinderella" while she, of course, rode "Sora". Her pretend friend Lola came with us, and she rode a horse named "Lola" as well.

After our riding adventures, we had a delicious and healthy picnic lunch in the park before going on a mommy shopping spree to Michaels, Target, and my favorite thrift store (thanks to both of my favorite mother-in-laws)! Sora slept on the way home until we pulled into camp when she was woken up by her ferocious coughing and also a very loud song on her iPod. So, she's still a little sick, but it was a great day overall. Looking forward to part 2 of our adventures tomorrow!

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