Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day

We have had a busy month getting ready for our summer vacation, with not a lot of super exciting blog-worthy events. This past weekend, the black plague seems to have taken over Sora and Kyle (luckily sparing me), so we stayed close to home for the most part with a lot of naps and bodily fluids.

Last weekend though, was Maleah weekend. Since Kyle will be gone next weekend for my birthday, he let me open my birthday present early (new sewing machine! Thanks again mom and Kyle). On Saturday, we went to an Amish auction. It was fascinating and we all loved it but decided not to take pictures out of respect for the Amish. The furniture they were selling was amazing and it's a good thing we weren't there during that part of the auction because I would have wanted to spend every last penny I own on their amazing bedroom sets and dining sets. We also hiked at the nature center.

On Sunday, we headed to a zoo we hadn't been to before. It was an experience! It was a very dusty zoo, and Kyle was very disturbed by the liberal feeding of twizzlers to the animals, but we got to watch several animals during feeding time and Sora and I even got to feed lettuce to the baby hippo.

 Sora loved feeding the farm animals and wanted to pet all the dogs she saw and even petted a baby wolf!

 We got to pet a very tiny baby primate.

Sora loved watching the toddler chimp. She decided he was just like a real toddler. He mostly played with the men and older boys, and was a little rough.
And of course, the popsicle at the end was a big hit too!

We only have 12 days left before our epic 9 week road trip, so we'll most likely be very busy with packing and getting ready. There are a few fun things we're hoping to take pictures of before we leave, so we'll try to update a few times before the summer excitement begins!

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