Friday, May 11, 2012

Still Smelling the Roses

 This spring with Sora has been so much more magical than last year. While we enjoyed the turtles and flowers before, Sora has a new attention span and interest in nature that makes it possible for us both to stop and smell the roses. It's hard for me to do sometimes - just to relax and not have an agenda - but it's something I'm working on. I'm also still (always) working on saying yes more and no less.
 The dolls eating strawberries (which disappeared very quickly). A perfect example of my inner struggle to say yes. It usually pays off when I do, but at times my negative voice ("there will be a mess" "someone might get hurt") is actually right. It's nice though when that's not the case.

This picture is pretty hard to see, but if you look closely, you can see two or three of the tiny tadpoles we caught and a few of the egg sacks they came from. We returned them to the marsh today, but I'm not sure they were all still swimming by the time we got there...
 We leave our porch light on all night as Sora's night light. It works for us and keeps the house mostly dark, which I prefer. We now have a huge colony of moths that live on our front porch though.
 We were on a walk the other day with some camp friends and one noticed this Robin's nest. We've been checking on it since then. It's rare the bird leaves the nest, but the eggs are the most beautiful color.

That's what we've been up to this week. It didn't hurt that the weather has finally been nice this week and we've got to spend a lot of time outside catching things with a net, watching turtles, discovering scat (animal poop), drawing in the dirt with sticks, "performing" on the amphitheater stage, watering every plant near our house with Sora's new hippo watering can, picking every dandelion possible, exploring camp trails (barefoot of course) and just generally enjoying all the amazing perks of life at camp. Sora's finally talking to strangers now and is slowly starting to talk to the camp kids. She loves eating in the dining hall (which is both good and bad), watching the kids after dinner and playing with all of the camp staff. I think she prefers a few of them to me!

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