Thursday, June 14, 2012

Grandmas are the Greatest

Sora is one lucky girl! So far her summer trip has been filled with her three favorite grandmas and two favorite great grandmas. Sora is a grandma's girl, but is slowly warming up to her grandpas too. We don't have many pictures of the grandmas here, but all of this fun is their doing.
Tea party with tiny cups

Practicing her mad cycling skillz.
Piano lessons with great grandma Frost.

Snap bead bananza

Freakishly large olive fingers
Zingo to Go with great grandma Weezie (who woudn't put up with any of Sora's cheating tactics)
And just a bubble picture full of attitude.

Now, if only we could take the grandmas all back to Wisconsin to live in the toy room, Sora's life would be perfect!

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