Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Papa

While Grandma is still the star of every show, Sora is definitely more fond of her grandpas this summer! Here she is enjoying some papa love:

 We talk about the fact that papa drives a cement truck all the time, so it was fun for Sora to get to see it in real life. And of course she loved pulling the horn.

My dad turned 60 earlier this month and he had a big cowboy party on Saturday. Sora loved the party. I think her quote was something like "This is the greatest party EVER." My cousin brought his 3 and 7 year old sons and Sora was in love.
 She also rode the horse at the party. She got pretty camera shy so got off before any pictures were taken. She rode it with me, by herself (with papa leading it) and all the way from the barn to the house with papa (which is 200 yards or so). Last year she only rode it with me for about 5 seconds and freaked out almost immediately, so this was a huge improvement.
 Posing with papa's prized Chevy truck.
 Enjoying some broccoli. Sora and My cousin's youngest son got in a vegetable eating contest. I'm not sure who won, but a lot of veggies (and dip of course) were eaten by both kiddos!
Rockin' out with the band. My parents had some friends over to play the banjo and guitar and sing. Sora is mesmerized by music and got out her ukulele for a few songs. She insists that she still wants to learn to play the violin when she grows up though. Sora is typically pretty reserved around strangers, but with all of the excitement of the party she oscillated between extremely reserved and outgoing. She even hugged a few total strangers which is not typically her style.

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