Saturday, June 9, 2012

Road Trip: Wi to Wa

There has been a severe lack of blogging while we frantically got ready to leave for our second annual summer trip! Kyle has 11 weeks off this summer, and we will be spending the majority of it in Washington. We took a week to drive out and arrived in Washington exactly a week after we left Wisconsin. Here are some of the highlights:

Sora's favorite car entertainment was her screen time. We had several shows and games on the iPod for her to play. She also has her own iPod Shuffle which is filled with her favorite kid's music.
Sora is lukewarm about photos lately, so we did a lot without photo journaling every step. Our first day we drove through Madison and went to the busiest farmer's market we've ever seen.
 We also rode the Fenton Place Elevator in Dubuque, Iowa before stopping for the night near Des Moines.
 Sora climbed at every opportunity, even at the rest stop.
 We smartly mapped out every child friendly destination and ended up enjoying the very warm weather by cooling off at a splash park in Lincoln, Nebraska.
 We camped at a primitive fishing hole in Sandy Channel, Ne. Sora played her ukelele while I played the guitar to entertain Kyle.

Monday we headed to the world's largest classifying railyard. It was huge!
 We also stopped at the headquarters of Cabela's for lunch and a few forgotten camping items.
 We stopped at a museum in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where Sora practiced her horsemanship skills.
 And played human train on the large floor map at the Cheyenne Depot.
 We camped at a state park near Cheyenne. We bought a roof box for our trip and we have so much space in our car! It was a nice change from the packed car we had most of last summer.
 Sora enjoyed our tent adventures.
 And found a lot of ways to stay entertained at the campsites.

 Kyle and Sora comparing belly drums.
 We found yet another splash park in Green Rivers, Wyoming.
 It was very crowded, but Sora and Kyle enjoyed cooling off before driving into Utah.
 The view from our chilly Utah campsite that night was beautiful. We also saw a lot of chipmunks and deer.
 On Wednesday, we headed to Salt Lake City. We took very few pictures in town, but it was the cleanest, tidiest, most dressy city we have ever been in. They had sidewalk sweepers!
 And a slightly crabby kiddo.
 And of course a lot of Mormons.

That night, we camped at a hot springs just north of Salt Lake City. We enjoyed finally having showers, swimming in all of the hot water, and finally having a campfire. Sora, of course, loved the roasted marshmallows.
 We played a lot of games on our trip. Camp, the travel edition, was a family favorite and truly fun and challenging for all ages.
 Thursday, we explored the parks in Boise. Sora loves climbing and doing balance beam, as well as watching all of the other crazy kids.
 We got lucky and stayed in a cabin at an Oregon state park.
 Sora was very excited to sleep on the top bunk.
On Friday, we headed to Pendleton and spent the morning watching people make hats, saddles, and weaving blankets. We met up with an old friend from California that afternoon in Walla Walla. After spending the night with Rossi, we finally headed to Ellensburg on Saturday morning.

Now, we can relax in Ellensburg for a few days and have adventures in one town for a while before heading out on the next leg of our trip!

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