Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daddy-Free Weekend

Sora and I have been living it up while Kyle has been in Portland for the Portland International Beer Festival. We spent this weekend celebrating my cousin's marriage while partying with the family. Sora told me that my 3 year old cousin is her best friend. After spending most of the ceremony hug-tackling Zoe, they found the largest pile of sand they could to get their party dresses all dirty before the dancing began.
 Sora had a blast dancing - she had a very hard time waiting for her turn.
 Today, we headed out to Larrabee State park with Christine and her boys.
 Sora loved climbing and following the boys.

We explored tide pools and found a lot of fun animals (jelly fish, crabs, fish, anemones, lipids, starfish, and more). It was a good send off. Tomorrow we head over the mountains one last time before we leave for home on Sunday.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Enjoying Summer

It seems like we're not in any place long enough to have a coherent blog post these days. That and of course, there's always a lack of pictures. Here are some of us enjoying the beautiful weather lately.

We took Sora to the sculpture park to enjoy art. Of course, she insisted that her favorite sculptures were the light fixtures (which she is posing with).

 Enjoying raclette with my parents. Sora wasn't as interested in cooking her own meal as I imagined she would be.
 Exploring the beach with grandma and papa. It's hard to tell, but in this picture papa is in the background.
 This is her "mama" impression. Not sure when I look like this...

Kyle is now in Portland while Sora and I are in Bellingham with my parents. Before he left, we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a night at Semiahmoo (my first night away from Sora and my first phone call with her). She had her first slumber party with her grandma, and it seemed like they had a fantastic time. Our actual anniversary is in August, so you still have time to congratulate us!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Disappearing Act

You may have noticed our blog has been pretty silent these past few weeks. While Team McPherson has been busy enjoying vacation life, meeting up with old friends and spending time with family, we have taken surprisingly few pictures and are also having some technological problems with computers and uploading pictures. We will be adding more soon. In the meantime, here is a brief synopsis of the Seattle portion of our trip (which has no pictures).

Sora and I explored the city while Kyle worked the Seattle International Beer Festival. We visited with friends and met new babies. We played with Sora's cousin Dylan (and Aunt Kami). We played at park after park and got wet at a few spray parks, wading pools and fountains. We went to a Children's Museum and Pacific Science Center. We played at beaches and ate at many restaurants. We even got to spend a day with my parents! Sora liked staying at the hotel, but Kyle and I didn't like all of the construction going on right outside of it. Sora even liked the "tot watch" at the YMCA in Shoreline and at Ikea. Overall, a fun week with a happy kiddo.

Here are some pictures from the summer overall.