Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daddy-Free Weekend

Sora and I have been living it up while Kyle has been in Portland for the Portland International Beer Festival. We spent this weekend celebrating my cousin's marriage while partying with the family. Sora told me that my 3 year old cousin is her best friend. After spending most of the ceremony hug-tackling Zoe, they found the largest pile of sand they could to get their party dresses all dirty before the dancing began.
 Sora had a blast dancing - she had a very hard time waiting for her turn.
 Today, we headed out to Larrabee State park with Christine and her boys.
 Sora loved climbing and following the boys.

We explored tide pools and found a lot of fun animals (jelly fish, crabs, fish, anemones, lipids, starfish, and more). It was a good send off. Tomorrow we head over the mountains one last time before we leave for home on Sunday.

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