Monday, August 27, 2012

Video Star

Well Sora is turning into a renaissance women. Here is a video showing a bunch of her favorite interest right now. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


We took advantage of the warm weather and spent yesterday in Green Bay enjoying ArtStreet. This is the first year we've been, and it was really impressive! Not only were there blocks and blocks of art-related vendors, there was dancing, a kids section, and yummy food - everything a good festival needs. 

 Sora and Kyle enjoying a $1 red velvet cake bite.
We were all mesmerized by the fancy dancers. I had wanted to take Sora to a Pow Wow earlier this summer, but it didn't pan out, so this was a great abbreviated experience.
 Sora, of course, loved all of the kids projects. Glitter + glue is always a hit.
 Painting on fancy paper. There were several flowers painted before she decided to cover the entire paper in paint.

There was also a kids music area with all kinds of instruments to try. We spent quite a bit of time here. You can tell by Sora's super red face though that she was struggling in the 90 degree heat.

It's a good thing we went on Saturday, since it has been raining buckets all day today! Perfect timing, and a great festival.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beautiful Family

Okay, so obviously I'm a little biased, but here are some pictures from our Pullar Family photo shoot earlier this summer. I love all of the papa love Sora's showing - she's typically a grandma's girl, but apparently if you throw in a horse and a cowboy theme, papa's just as good.

And the fact that Sora would be willing to share her hard-earned ice cream cone is impressive!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dentist Success

In true stubborn 3 year old style, the last trip we took to the dentist shortly after her birthday was not successful. Kyle took her without me and she refused to open her mouth for the hygienist. Luckily, this time she was more cooperative (mostly because she knew there was a trip to the candy store involved which happens to be conveniently located right next to the dentist office).

Not only did she let the hygienist count her teeth and kind of brush them, she let the dentist look at them as well. Unfortunately for Sora, and mostly because she is my daughter, she did have a small cavity. We were referred to a pediatric dentist to fix it for us and hopefully the process will be painless and trauma-free. I'm hoping the only downside to the cavity is that we'll want to go to the pediatric dentist all the time (which of course our shoddy insurance doesn't cover) - according to their website, there is a playground and video games in the waiting room! Definitely a step up from our normal dentist office.

UPDATE: We took Sora to the pediatric dentist a week after her first dentist appt. True to advertising, there was a playground/slide and video games in the waiting room. Sora's favorite part was the TV and headphones over the dental chair. The dentist took x-rays and sent a set home with us. There were no actual cavities today, but several spots of concern that may develop into cavities before she loses her baby teeth. It looks like she really is her mama's daughter, but at least we can postpone fillings for at least another 6 mo. Sora's now on board with flossing, so maybe we'll be able to curtail at least a few of those future cavities before her adult teeth come in! In the meantime, Dr. Carl sent Sora a postcard and I think she is in love.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Folk Festival

Two of Sora's favorite things right now are dancing and music. She is fascinated with instruments and is still sticking with the violin as her favorite instrument. Yesterday, we took advantage of the local Folk Festival and danced our hearts out!

There were 4 stages full of music and instruments. None were too full, and all the music we listened to was great.
This lady was Kyle's favorite. I think her looks and guitar playing won him over. Sora and I loved her yodeling skills and are working on perfecting our own yodeling song. If you're lucky, there will be a video of that soon!
 Sora was a little crabby and made this face a lot.
The festival was great for kids, even though there weren't many there. Here is Sora making a shaker that she played at one of the kid-focused sessions. We were the only family in the audience, so the musician (singing with his twin 13 year old daughters) kept trying to solicit song input from Sora, who of course was having none of it. She did finally sing along to a few songs though. 
Sora loved to dance as well and entertained the crowds with her crazy moves. It's always a tricky line for me as to what is adorable and what is obnoxious (to others), so luckily after Sora started dancing, the lead singer mentioned that she was having fun and that he loved to play guitar because he loved to see his daughter dancing which meant it was adorable and not too obnoxious.

It was also inspiring for me to see such great guitar players! I started learning to play during Screen Free Week in May, but haven't done much lately. I have a new resolve to learn more and am excited! Maybe there will be a McPherson Family Band at next year's Folk Festival.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back at Camp

While we thoroughly enjoyed our vacation, we are also enjoying life back at home as well.

A few days after we got home, camp had a big 75th anniversary party. Most of our friends were here, since most of our Wisconsin friends are camp-related, and Sora loved seeing everyone.
Here Sora is playing Camp Unie Bingo with Sarah. Sora loves Sarah, and Sarah was once Sora - living in our house when she was 3 with her dad working at camp. Her dad still works at camp and their entire family is super sweet. Whenever Sora hears someone say (or sing) "Sarah", she immediately asks, "Are you talking about my friend Sarah?" There were many other friends that Sora (and Kyle and I) were excited to see, but this is the only picture I took.

 Sora loves playing hockey and soccer in the "pit".

 A typical day for Sora includes at least one wagon ride.

 We all went sailing today with Sarah's brother, Tyler. Sora wasn't super excited about it, but said she had fun, and Kyle and I loved it. It was the perfect day on the water and I'm only sad that I didn't get any pictures!

Today, after dinner, while Sora and I were playing on our front porch, Sora was suddenly surrounded by wasps and got stung 5-7 times! I, of course, wasn't looking at the time and heard Sora screaming. When I turned around, we were both screaming and Kyle came out just as Sora stumbled through the front door. Luckily, he kept all the wasps outside. We think the porch may be safe now, but we will be staying away for a long time! It was pretty traumatizing, but in true Sora form, she was over it in a matter of minutes and didn't want any medicine or ice packs, or for us even to talk about it or look at the stings. We did take her over to the camp nurse who sprayed benadryl on all of the sites we could see. Sora is obsessed with playing doctor and curing everyone who is sick (and in our house, that is every single doll and stuffed animal) while at the same time, she hates bandaids and thinks if you ignore a hurt that it will get better. Funny kid.
 Anyway, this is her just minutes after the benadryl being silly and funny.
And her telling the nurse how old she is. She is getting better with communicating with strangers - she is waving to kids she doesn't know, and tells everyone how old she is with her fingers, but she still chooses not to talk to most people. She actually did make a little friend at a campfire the other day, but since it's camp, who knows if they'll ever meet again.
And finally, a trip home after a long, exhausting day.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Epic Ending to Our Epic Journey

 Okay, so our summer blogging attempts were a little spotty. Now that we're back in the comforts of our own home with our internet back up and running, perhaps you will see more from our last few weeks of summer than you did from our first several.

This past weekend, we spent some time with some friends (and family) in Lake Chelan before heading back to Wisconsin. Of course, both other moms and fellow bloggers beat me to the picture punch, but at least I had a good excuse.
The kids enjoying their s'mores, complete with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I think there was marshmallow in Sora's hair for at least 4 days.
The bigger kids enjoyed the lake more than Sora did - she's a sand kind of girl, plus the water was really cold. She did enjoy the brief raft down the raging river with Mason. It's hard to tell, but the first picture looks very worrisome while the second shows the end of the journey was delightful.
Camp Director Kyle showing off his mad skills to the kids while instructing them on how to make the perfect banana boat.

After a weekend of camping, we headed back home on another epic camping trip!
 Our first night was in Western Montana. There was a creek right next to our campground that we all enjoyed. Sora and Kyle played in it naked (this was the best G rated photo we had). We all got our hair wet and combed out the marshmallow. Kyle and I even shampooed - the first time either of us had done that in a creek. (Of course, afterwards I carefully read my hippy camping soap directions and realized that was a mistake, so we will probably never do it again - sorry fish!)
 The next night, we stayed in Eastern Montana. It's a big state! We found a campground on "donation basis" right next to the Yellowstone River. It was a warm, wet surprise on a day that was over 100 degrees!

The next day, we headed to North Dakota where we stayed at the Teddy Roosevelt Memorial National Park (south unit). It was beautiful to see the badlands looking so green! We listened to a ranger talk all about the prairie, and it got us both a little fired up. Did you know that the prairie is the second most diverse ecosystem on earth (rainforest is first)?
 Yeah for badlands!
 It was over 100 degrees in ND also, and we were woken up early in the morning with some rain and a thunderstorm. We decided to hit the road and get home that same day. It meant over 14 hours of driving in one day, so we didn't take many pictures of this last day. We did stop at a sporting store in Fargo that had a 45' ferris wheel inside. Sora was a big fan. It also had a play area, which made it the perfect stop, considering it was our only non-meal stop of the day.

Now we're back home and we can relax for 2 more weeks before Kyle officially goes back to work. We have both started our end of vacation detox, which is even more important for Kyle, since he found out that he is going with his beer fest buddies to Key West for Labor Day weekend. Sora and I are a little jealous!