Sunday, August 26, 2012


We took advantage of the warm weather and spent yesterday in Green Bay enjoying ArtStreet. This is the first year we've been, and it was really impressive! Not only were there blocks and blocks of art-related vendors, there was dancing, a kids section, and yummy food - everything a good festival needs. 

 Sora and Kyle enjoying a $1 red velvet cake bite.
We were all mesmerized by the fancy dancers. I had wanted to take Sora to a Pow Wow earlier this summer, but it didn't pan out, so this was a great abbreviated experience.
 Sora, of course, loved all of the kids projects. Glitter + glue is always a hit.
 Painting on fancy paper. There were several flowers painted before she decided to cover the entire paper in paint.

There was also a kids music area with all kinds of instruments to try. We spent quite a bit of time here. You can tell by Sora's super red face though that she was struggling in the 90 degree heat.

It's a good thing we went on Saturday, since it has been raining buckets all day today! Perfect timing, and a great festival.

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