Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back at Camp

While we thoroughly enjoyed our vacation, we are also enjoying life back at home as well.

A few days after we got home, camp had a big 75th anniversary party. Most of our friends were here, since most of our Wisconsin friends are camp-related, and Sora loved seeing everyone.
Here Sora is playing Camp Unie Bingo with Sarah. Sora loves Sarah, and Sarah was once Sora - living in our house when she was 3 with her dad working at camp. Her dad still works at camp and their entire family is super sweet. Whenever Sora hears someone say (or sing) "Sarah", she immediately asks, "Are you talking about my friend Sarah?" There were many other friends that Sora (and Kyle and I) were excited to see, but this is the only picture I took.

 Sora loves playing hockey and soccer in the "pit".

 A typical day for Sora includes at least one wagon ride.

 We all went sailing today with Sarah's brother, Tyler. Sora wasn't super excited about it, but said she had fun, and Kyle and I loved it. It was the perfect day on the water and I'm only sad that I didn't get any pictures!

Today, after dinner, while Sora and I were playing on our front porch, Sora was suddenly surrounded by wasps and got stung 5-7 times! I, of course, wasn't looking at the time and heard Sora screaming. When I turned around, we were both screaming and Kyle came out just as Sora stumbled through the front door. Luckily, he kept all the wasps outside. We think the porch may be safe now, but we will be staying away for a long time! It was pretty traumatizing, but in true Sora form, she was over it in a matter of minutes and didn't want any medicine or ice packs, or for us even to talk about it or look at the stings. We did take her over to the camp nurse who sprayed benadryl on all of the sites we could see. Sora is obsessed with playing doctor and curing everyone who is sick (and in our house, that is every single doll and stuffed animal) while at the same time, she hates bandaids and thinks if you ignore a hurt that it will get better. Funny kid.
 Anyway, this is her just minutes after the benadryl being silly and funny.
And her telling the nurse how old she is. She is getting better with communicating with strangers - she is waving to kids she doesn't know, and tells everyone how old she is with her fingers, but she still chooses not to talk to most people. She actually did make a little friend at a campfire the other day, but since it's camp, who knows if they'll ever meet again.
And finally, a trip home after a long, exhausting day.

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