Friday, August 3, 2012

Epic Ending to Our Epic Journey

 Okay, so our summer blogging attempts were a little spotty. Now that we're back in the comforts of our own home with our internet back up and running, perhaps you will see more from our last few weeks of summer than you did from our first several.

This past weekend, we spent some time with some friends (and family) in Lake Chelan before heading back to Wisconsin. Of course, both other moms and fellow bloggers beat me to the picture punch, but at least I had a good excuse.
The kids enjoying their s'mores, complete with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I think there was marshmallow in Sora's hair for at least 4 days.
The bigger kids enjoyed the lake more than Sora did - she's a sand kind of girl, plus the water was really cold. She did enjoy the brief raft down the raging river with Mason. It's hard to tell, but the first picture looks very worrisome while the second shows the end of the journey was delightful.
Camp Director Kyle showing off his mad skills to the kids while instructing them on how to make the perfect banana boat.

After a weekend of camping, we headed back home on another epic camping trip!
 Our first night was in Western Montana. There was a creek right next to our campground that we all enjoyed. Sora and Kyle played in it naked (this was the best G rated photo we had). We all got our hair wet and combed out the marshmallow. Kyle and I even shampooed - the first time either of us had done that in a creek. (Of course, afterwards I carefully read my hippy camping soap directions and realized that was a mistake, so we will probably never do it again - sorry fish!)
 The next night, we stayed in Eastern Montana. It's a big state! We found a campground on "donation basis" right next to the Yellowstone River. It was a warm, wet surprise on a day that was over 100 degrees!

The next day, we headed to North Dakota where we stayed at the Teddy Roosevelt Memorial National Park (south unit). It was beautiful to see the badlands looking so green! We listened to a ranger talk all about the prairie, and it got us both a little fired up. Did you know that the prairie is the second most diverse ecosystem on earth (rainforest is first)?
 Yeah for badlands!
 It was over 100 degrees in ND also, and we were woken up early in the morning with some rain and a thunderstorm. We decided to hit the road and get home that same day. It meant over 14 hours of driving in one day, so we didn't take many pictures of this last day. We did stop at a sporting store in Fargo that had a 45' ferris wheel inside. Sora was a big fan. It also had a play area, which made it the perfect stop, considering it was our only non-meal stop of the day.

Now we're back home and we can relax for 2 more weeks before Kyle officially goes back to work. We have both started our end of vacation detox, which is even more important for Kyle, since he found out that he is going with his beer fest buddies to Key West for Labor Day weekend. Sora and I are a little jealous!

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