Sunday, August 12, 2012

Folk Festival

Two of Sora's favorite things right now are dancing and music. She is fascinated with instruments and is still sticking with the violin as her favorite instrument. Yesterday, we took advantage of the local Folk Festival and danced our hearts out!

There were 4 stages full of music and instruments. None were too full, and all the music we listened to was great.
This lady was Kyle's favorite. I think her looks and guitar playing won him over. Sora and I loved her yodeling skills and are working on perfecting our own yodeling song. If you're lucky, there will be a video of that soon!
 Sora was a little crabby and made this face a lot.
The festival was great for kids, even though there weren't many there. Here is Sora making a shaker that she played at one of the kid-focused sessions. We were the only family in the audience, so the musician (singing with his twin 13 year old daughters) kept trying to solicit song input from Sora, who of course was having none of it. She did finally sing along to a few songs though. 
Sora loved to dance as well and entertained the crowds with her crazy moves. It's always a tricky line for me as to what is adorable and what is obnoxious (to others), so luckily after Sora started dancing, the lead singer mentioned that she was having fun and that he loved to play guitar because he loved to see his daughter dancing which meant it was adorable and not too obnoxious.

It was also inspiring for me to see such great guitar players! I started learning to play during Screen Free Week in May, but haven't done much lately. I have a new resolve to learn more and am excited! Maybe there will be a McPherson Family Band at next year's Folk Festival.

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