Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Day in the Life

 The past few weeks, we have really settled into our "regular" routine.
Sora's still up to her crazy antics. She will lounge in her PJs all day if possible and is full of funny faces and giggles.
We started doing a "homeschool preschool" hour three times a week. Sora loves all the projects and is very into painting, cutting, coloring, and general creating at the moment.
 She also loves getting dirty. It has been warm lately, so she has been enjoying making mud soup and other delicious concoctions in her outdoor kitchen. We have had a lot of rain lately, and Sora loves taking baths in the mud puddles. I only wish that was an exaggeration, but luckily she cleans up eventually.
Sora still loves playing doctor, and everything imaginable has been to the hospital in our home lately. Here is her makeshift hospital that she created from blocks the other day. As you can see, the cylinders are people. The green one is the doctor, the blue ones are nurses, the standing yellow one is the mommy, and the laying yellow one is the sick kiddo.
Here she is using her doctor kit on poor hello kitty.
And that's a glimpse into our life lately. Nothing too exciting, but definitely mostly adorable.

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