Monday, September 3, 2012

Girls Weekend

While Kyle is living it up in Key West with his beer buddies, Sora and I have been entertaining ourselves. It's not quite the same, but with the holiday weekend, there is a lot to do around our house!

We explored the county park and actually got to play with another kid! This park is usually deserted but is popular for camping, so on busy camping weekends it's a great playground. There's also a lot of cool water areas to explore (like the balance beam below).
We headed to a nearby town for their annual Fireman's Picnic. There was another, usually deserted, playground with other kids to play with.
And delicious (free) corn dipped in butter. Sora devoured it and had quite an audience watching. Afterwards, she delighted her audience with her smooth dance moves while the band played.
 And of course, a bouncy house was involved.
These types of events remind me that I'm living in a foreign land. Not only do I never know anyone, I don't understand their customs. There is a lot of super cheap beer being consumed (every where - there's definitely no "beer garden" area like I'm used to) with a lot of raffles being won (and something called a "wheel of meat").

Today was the annual parade in our town. Sora was very excited.
This is the local high school band. In its entirety. It's hard to count but there are exactly 15 students playing an instrument and yes, the band director is in the right corner playing an instrument as well.
Parades here involve copious amounts of candy. Luckily, my kid is terrified of cavities, so she was easily convinced that she should only eat 2 a day and only keep a small handful of her candy booty.
After the parade, there was yet another playground (usually deserted, you guessed it) that was full of kids to play with.
And, as our last act of assimilation into Wisconsin culture, we had some Chicken Booyah for lunch. Sora, of course, loved it. It's essentially chicken vegetable soup. In fact, that's exactly what it is. Not sure why it gets a fancy name, but it is much more fun to say. Booyah!
Kyle comes home tomorrow night and we are eagerly awaiting his entertaining stories of Key West adventures (and presents)!

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