Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Annual Pumpkin Patch

Today was our annual pumpkin patch trip. For the past three Octobers, we have been to the same Pumpkin Patch with our Playgroup. Here's a few links if you like to relive the past, like I do, to all of our Pumpkin adventures:  October 2011, October 2010, and October 2009 (in Washington) (and October 2008 - even living it up as a fetus).

As is tradition, Sora loved the train ride and wagon ride, tolerated a few photo ops, picked out some pumpkins, thought about petting animals (but decided against it), and suffered through the haunted grainery (actually a little too scary for a 3 year old - who would have guessed). She is starting to understand the scary/pretend concept (although still very afraid of the concept that we might be lying to her... for example, she is terrified of Santa and keeps saying he's real and scary even though we have told her that it's just a pretend game). Luckily, she liked most of the "scary" things about the hay ride (people in freaky masks pop out and wave). On a side note, she is terrified of "scary" animals like dinosaurs and bears. She gets "real" and "extinct" mixed up, which I'm sure is pretty common. I was so excited to read Laura Engles Wilder to her, and about half way through the first chapter I had to stop, since it went on and on about wolves (and the stories are set in "a little house in the big woods of Wisconsin" which I always play up, so it made the scary wolves even scarier to Sora).

We picked out 4 pumpkins to puree and 1 big pumpkin for a jack o lantern. Hopefully the wolves squirrels at our house won't destroy it too quickly off the porch, like last year!

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Amy said...

that's funny about the Little House series - I was going to start reading it to the girls and forgot about the "realness" of the wild and animals. maybe we'll do Anne of Green Gables instead :)