Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Circus Week

Last week (and this week) we are doing a circus theme here at the McPherson preschool. This has involved my friend Fred Rogers showing Sora what a circus is, in addition to several books and some projects. Here are the cutest ones.

Sora playing with her circus sensory bin. Here, the animals have lined up and are about to jump through the flaming ring of fire. You can als see her 4-car circus train and the pink tight rope set up over the bin of colored rice and letters.

The highlight for me was when we played circus this afternoon. Sora played all the parts: ringmaster, clown, lion and acrobat. The clown was of course the best part of all!

 Sora's still working on her clown routine. We have a ways to go before she'll be going pro.

And to top it off, here are the top drawings of the week:
 Left: clown; Right: ringmaster (covered with circus animals for some unknown reason)
The circus big top.

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