Friday, October 5, 2012

Father Daughter Weekend

Kyle took Sora on her first official Father/Daughter weekend at camp and she loved it!
 Here they are, getting ready to go. The turtle pillow pet and binoculars were both musts - just in case she saw any animals!
 Kyle let her sleep on the top bunk and she loved it so much she decided to spend two nights in the cabin instead of just one. The first night, she woke up at 5 a.m. to tell Kyle there were dragons in the cabin (all of the other dads snoring). We've been doing a castle theme this month, so her love/fear of dragons has come out a lot (especially in the dark).
She loved hanging out at the campfire by the cabin, as well as the camp-wide campfire with skits and songs. She didn't perform, but loves watching - she tries to go to as many as we will let her (and with kids here most of the year, there are a lot of campfires). I also heard of many campfire treats which of course she loved.
 They visited the arts & crafts area three times, and brought home one necklace and two butterflies. Here she is creating a butterfly with markers, a clothes pin, and a coffee filter.

They also went fishing, which was the first time Sora really went fishing, despite her many requests (at inopportune times, of course). She (Kyle?) caught a 6" fish.
And here is a picture of the view from the fire tower earlier this month. I'm hoping to go again this weekend for another photo op.

Kyle's dad and wife came to visit in September, so we were busy playing and being tour guides and didn't take many pictures (or take the time to blog). If we're lucky, we'll get some pictures from the trip up.

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