Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween: Take 1

One of the negative things about living in the middle of no where is that trick or treating here is very difficult. Another problem we have is that the nearest town where trick or treating is feasible has decided that Halloween falls on Saturday, rather than the traditional October 31st. Since we will be in Michigan next Saturday (where they observe Halloween on the the "real" day) and the next closest town is 30 minutes away AND Kyle has to work on Halloween evening at camp. I am trying to get a plethora of Halloween dressing-up experiences in before Halloween so that Sora will be Halloweened out (is that even possible) and not realize that we aren't trick or treating.

The first of these pre-Halloween experiences was the family event at a nearby arboretum. We were a few minutes early, so we got to explore the prairie trail. It was great, and a perfect track for Sora and some friends to run on!

The actual event had a variety of activities: painting or carving pumpkins (with paint getting all over the newly sewed princess dress).
 Story time and tiara making at the Fairy Castle (complete with elaborate decorations)

A corn maze and spooky chipmunk tunnel. Here is also a gratuitous costume shot - I spent a lot of time sewing this dress and Sora spent a lot of energy decorating her felt crown!
There was also a scavenger hunt and of course a lot of playing with her friends. The highlight for Sora was the pretzels, candy, and hot chocolate.

This was the first year of the event, and I'm hoping it can become a family tradition - it had all of my favorite things going for it: very little sweets, lots of nature/education sprinkled in, and it was free!

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