Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Naughty or Nice

Every year, the nearby library hosts a "naughty or nice" night before Santa starts keeping track. Sora abhors Santa this year, which is a topic for another post, but apparently there was just enough of the Santa concept to make this a fun daddy daughter date!

After an appropriately themed story, the kids sang a song about gettin' nothin' for Christmas.

Then the naughty stuff began. On the list for the evening:
 Coloring on the walls
 Drawing on and defacing dolls (with permanent markers!)
 Taking funny school pictures. There was also soda drinking (which Sora thinks tastes "sour") involved.
There was also a nice project - writing down what you're thankful for on the number 4. Sora has done similar "thankful" lists this year, and they always involve the first few things she sees. This list involved hats, camera, and Grandma D.

For the naughty grand finale, and because the children's librarian is the best person I've ever met about going one step further than you think she will, Miss Cindy covered her face in Karo syrup and let the kids throw popcorn all over her face.
Now, hopefully Sora has gotten all the naughty out, rather than just come away with new ideas of how to be naughty!

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