Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stuck Inside

Our fall weather has turned colder and with Kyle busy most Saturdays this month with work, Sora and I have been coming up with more creative ways to spend our time at home.  Here is a peek into our latest "preschool" theme of community helpers.
 Fireman. Sora bravely saved dolls and animals from high places by climbing a tall (step) ladder.

Playing "old school" library. The whole stamping/card system was hard to explain since I could barely even remembered how it worked, but Sora loved "helping" find books and stamping the number of days to check it out and an initial for who was checking it out.

Delivering mail as a postman.
 First, we wrote a ton of "letters" to various animals and each other.
 Then we inserted them into the mailbox (inspired by this)
 Sora took them out of the box and delivered them to the correct individual mailboxes.
 Clifford and Turtle, anxiously awaiting their mail.
 Scooby and Horton also got in on the action.
Of course, some mail was for Sora too. We deposited half of the money in Sora's piggy bank a few weeks ago and she got to spend the other half on a toy at the toy store. This mailbox was what she chose and it's been a lot of fun! I'm surprisingly in love with the crayons involved - they are super washable.

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