Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All Grown Up

We have a pretty relaxing yet exciting December planned and are looking forward to some new traditions (that we did last year and now by doing them again they are traditions) as well as some new traditions-to-be. One of the new things we're doing this year is taking Sora to the Nutcracker. Sora decided that was a good enough reason to get her hair cut again. You may remember the last "real" haircut Sora got wasn't very successful, so I've been reluctant to take her to a salon. True to her word though, she sat in the tiny car, stared at the puppies movie and let the lady cut, braid and sparkle her hair. Her haircut makes her look much older and more mature than she did before. Here is the best picture of the braid (that of course I cannot and Sora will not let me reproduce):
Sora's baby mattress has been turned into a poor kid's trampoline. She likes to put it in the hall and call it a bouncy house. It was great fun until there were too many bumps into the walls and a lot of tears involved.

 The bouncy house carnage.

Sora's also been excited about all of our advent activities. So far, we made cards, took out our Christmas books from the basement, sent a secret Santa note to a friend, and cut out paper snowflakes.

We also took holiday photos for our family cards. Here is a failed attempt:
An advent activity from yesterday was making dough ornaments. Sora was very upset that we couldn't eat them after they came out of the oven, but once she realized there was glitter involved, it was okay. I love this picture of her and her 2 year old friend painting their ornaments. Sora was so careful not to mix her colors and washed her brushes before switching colors while Walker was all about the process and not about the finished product. When I handed out the glitter glue tubes, he took his tube and squeezed out the entire thing on just one ornament, while Sora carefully chose glitter colors to complement paint colors and used just the right amount.

I think here she's contemplating what the heck Walker is doing with all of his paint and why his ornaments are all turning out dark purple. While her haircut is very grown up, she reminds me that she is only 3 with multiple ridiculous tantrums a day just to keep us on our toes (just in case you thought she was growing up too fast).

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Lori said...

Her hair looks great! What a cutie.