Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Chez McPherson

This year we spent a nice quiet Christmas near our house. We visited with Kyle's boss and friends and family on Christmas Eve and went over to a friend's house on Christmas Day. We tried to live in the moment and took very few pictures, even though we had a lot of fun and there was an adorable, but very tired, little girl.
Sora was the only child under 16 on Christmas Eve. She got a lot of personalized adult attention, which she always loves.

 She also got some teenager attention, which she also loves.
Every year, there is a different country highlighted at this annual meal. This year, it was Luxembourg. We enjoyed several courses of delicious Luxembourgian cuisine, although dessert was definitely our favorite.  
Sora is obsessed with the Nutcracker after seeing it earlier this month. There was a large display of nutcrackers around the piano which she was very excited to see.

These are the few Christmas day photos we have. Here she is with the pink color crayon that she asked Santa for. She originally asked for it to give to her friend Walker but she seems to have forgotten about that part of the wish.

A happy, well loved kiddo. We visited with some friends on Christmas Day and Sora loved chasing around their 5 and 7 year olds. Kyle liked trying to beat everyone at Kinect (although of course I was the secret champion).

Yesterday, Sora went to her first party at the YMCA. It was a 90 min. "Ballerina Princess Tea Party". There were 4 other kids, and of course I didn't take any pictures. She chose a ballerina outfit and decided to be a monster ballerina all day. They made a few little crafts, "perfected" a dance to show off to the parents, had tea and cookies and seemed to have a great time. We also hit up the bird sanctuary at the local wildlife sanctuary (we usually go to see the rest of the wildlife and skip the birds). The ducks and geese that live there are NOT afraid of people which freaks me out, but it was fun to see all of the other animals, especially all of the raptors they had.

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