Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Lights

We have all been enjoying the beautiful winter weather this weekend! Kyle and I both went cross country skiing two days in a row - I don't even think I went two times all of last winter! The weather was warm enough to have fun in the snow, but cold enough to keep the snow nice and powdery. Sora has been perfecting her drawing skills lately and many of her drawings are resembling what she means for them to look like. She is constantly coloring, drawing, writing, and scootering around our house. She loves playing in the snow, but hates getting bundled up to go outside. She often throws big fits about going outside but once we're outside, she loves sledding, snowshoeing, eating, shoveling, and just tromping around in the snow.

We finally saw the lights at the local botanical garden this evening and we were all impressed.
 This show was timed with the Linus and Lucy song.

Sora was obsessed with playing with these lights and wanted to count or tell us which colors they were was we were walking. It was cute, but they were every foot along the path and it was 15 degrees outside, so we had to stop the cuteness too soon.

The display was very well done and nicely themed. One of the displays involved rain and lighting with thunder sounds. Sora reassured me that it wasn't real and it was just pretend. Of course, her favorite part was the hot chocolate afterwards, but in true Sora form, when we asked which display she liked best, she said "all of them".

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