Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Solstice

 So Solstice is actually today, but we celebrated yesterday at our house. It was a perfect winter day, complete with a mild blizzard and all.

We celebrated our new tradition much the same as last year. We turned off all electronics, including lights, for the day. We ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast and snuggled by the fire.
 We decorated a tree near our house with food for the birds and squirrels as well as some pretty stars.
 Of course, thanks to the blizzard, all of our decorations were quickly covered in snow.  On our morning walk, the snow was blowing pretty hard.

 Sora loves to eat snow. Last year I was crazy and tried to ban all snow eating. This year, I'm encouraging it only when the snow is falling or "fresh" (like the next day).

 After our walk, we opened presents and made sushi for lunch. Sushi was Sora's idea and it was perfect!

 Yum. After our sushi, we made some muffins for later.
 Here is Sora playing with her presents. I made her the train table, the doll high chair, and the doll crib (in the background). Kyle bought her the hat and gloves and we both got her the Wedgits (which have already seen a LOT of use).
 After lunch, we went outside again for more snow fun. We went sledding at the sled hill and worked on making a fort in our front yard. Snow at our house is rarely wet enough to pack, so we had to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

 Here is Sora filling up on snow.

After our walk, we iced our muffins and sang "We Wish You a Happy Solstice".

 After that, the evening came pretty quickly. We played restaurant and other games in the toy room.
 When it was really dark, we all snuggled in the bed in the living room, read books, and played with Sora's new toys.
We all slept in the living room by the fire and got a good night sleep (especially considering we all went to bed so early)!

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