Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Countdown

Our advent calendar has been a big hit. Sora is torn each morning between the excitement of reading the advent calendar item or searching for our elf. Here are some more highlights from this week:

Skating on the new plastic outdoor rink in the big city. Luckily, it was only $2 each since the weather wasn't very cooperative and the rink, while fun, is right on the bay and is pretty chilly. Sora loves her new hockey skates and liked skating "in general".

Decorating cookies for daddy's office. 
I had a brilliant idea to buy Sora a snow globe from the thrift store for her "mad" corner (where she can go to calm down - it also has some books, a hammer toy, a soft ball to squeeze or throw, and a tiny mattress she can jump on). It of course lasted about 20 minutes before it was dropped and shattered everywhere. I decided to try again, but to make our own. We used baby food jars, baby oil (from the dollar store), Christmas figurines (which look creepy since they're also from the dollar store), glitter, and a lot of hot glue. It worked out really well. We got 3 figurines for $1 and experimented with liquid, but the baby oil works best. The glitter settles slowly, so it's great to sit and watch when you need to calm down, plus it's great to shake when you're mad too!

More holiday fun awaits us for the weekend!

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