Friday, December 14, 2012

More Wintery Scenes

We've been busy enjoying our 5" of snow. Now there is only 1-2", but it's still enough to have fun with. Sora loved shoveling - a great skill to have in the Northwoods!
 Because the real snow is very dry and not conducive to snowmen or snowballs, plus it's very cold, we made some snow dough with corn starch and shaving cream.

 It was messy but popular.

We also finally got our tree. Sora loves using her snowshoes and I'm glad we bought real ones this year.

 Sora chose a small tree again this year, which fit our small house perfectly.
Of course, it's also time for parent day at Sora's dance and swim classes. Kyle got to come this time, and Sora was in an extra crazy/cranky mood.

 Here are some toe taps.
Here is her "pretty barre" turn.

We were too busy swimming with Sora to take pictures of her in the water, but she's getting better and better with water confidence. The other day, after swim class she was telling me all about 9-1-1, so they're definitely teaching her something!

Sora has decided to do gymnastics instead of dancing next time, so there might be some cute gymnastic photos in 10 weeks.

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